About Us

TOOF was founded in 2018, in Calgary, Canada. From the beginning, TOOF's mission to merge the world of design with wearable art, has been at the heart of everything we create and is a driving inspiration for our collection of jewelry. At TOOF, we don't take life too seriously and neither should you. Don't get us wrong, we take great pride in everything we create, but there's nothing wrong with taking an unexpected turn or going out on a whim every once in a while.

The Brand

As a brand, TOOF is continuously working to set and meet sustainability goals and give back to our local communities. We know that our actions speak louder than our words, so we can't wait to show you all that we can achieve, together. More to come on our sustainability practices. In addition to environmental concerns, we care deeply about supporting issues that align with our ethos and will continue to use our platforms to speak up and show our support in whatever manner that may require. As a company, we hold ourselves and others accountable, we hope you do too.

Our Jewelry

Our primary inspiration comes from the world of design. Our pieces are carefully crafted, with the goal to bolden your everyday wear. We take great pride in the products we make and are adamant about creating well-made and well-priced jewelry.